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The John Deere 8210 tractor is a new era in the development of tractor technology. This model was produced from 1999 to 2002. The model has wheeled and tracked modifications. The factory that produced these machines is located in Waterloo, Iowa, USA.

Tractors of the American engineering company John Deere are considered the most reliable and productive agricultural machines of medium and heavy class.

The equipment of this famous brand combines excellent build quality and the highest efficiency in any conditions. Modern technologies are used in the production of tractors, which makes the equipment the most high-tech on the modern market.

A universal tractor is the first thing that any owner of a modern farm needs. It is the multifunctional tractors that are able to cope with any agricultural work that John Deere produces.

The John Deere 8210 model has optimal power for farm work, unpretentiousness, ease of operation. These are the main criteria of the model. John Deere 8210 is a tractor with all-wheel drive, but very high fuel efficiency.

The developers of the John Deere 8210 tractor have thought through the design to the smallest detail. The machine copes perfectly with various types of topsoil treatment, with the transportation of heavy trailers, including off-road. The control process does not tire the tractor driver, because the cab is designed taking into account the requirements of ergonomics.

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The John Deere 8210 model has the following advantages:

  1. Continuous, uninterrupted operation in any conditions.
  2. Optimal load distribution on the wheels.
  3. A power unit of its own design with a large margin of power.
  4. Smooth acceleration and braking.
  5. The possibility of using a precision farming system.

The powerful engine ensures intensive operation of the John Deere 8210 tractor under extreme loads. Fuel economy is achieved by a modern Common Rail injection system.

The cabin has an expanded interior space. It always has a low noise level and excellent visibility. The controls are very conveniently located, the seat has good shock absorbers.  The cabin receives conditioned or warm purified air.

The optimal dimensions and size of the wheels ensure high maneuverability and cross-country ability of the John Deere 8210. The correct distribution of mass along the axes ensures maximum adhesion to the ground. The John Deere 8210 tractor easily performs the most difficult work.

The John Deere 8210 tractor is a very hardy technique. The tractor meets all the needs of agricultural producers, it is designed for precision farming. The tractor does not exert much pressure on the soil, does not condense and does not destroy it. The ground pressure can be adjusted by the pressure in the tractor wheels.

The tractor has easy operation, it is comfortable, economical and eco-friendly. This model is an excellent choice for farmers and contractors. The tractor is suitable for field and farm work. It can be used for plowing, loosening, cultivation, disking, sowing. The John Deere 8210 tractor can be used to transport heavy loads, it works perfectly as a tractor. This model is characterized by low fuel consumption and other operating fluids. Its operation is beneficial for the farmer and does not harm the environment.

The John Deere 8210 tractor has a minimum of sophisticated electronics. This is done for reliability and ease of maintenance. The tractor has large service intervals, which is very profitable. This tractor has the best combination of comfort, reliability and performance. With the necessary outboard equipment, it is able to perform all agricultural operations, and the engine power is enough to plow the virgin land, even if there is a shrub on the field.

The John Deere 8210 tractor is an excellent choice for any farmer. Now you don’t need to buy a lot of machines for different operations. It is enough to buy a John Deere 8210 tractor and attachments to it. This covers all the needs of the farm. This is very profitable, because it is cheaper to maintain one car than several.


The John Deere 8210 tractor is a very reliable technique. Many farmers still use models released 10, 20 or more years ago. These tractors continue to work properly, without requiring large maintenance costs. This is possible if the equipment is serviced on time and only original spare parts and materials are used.

Anyone who understands tractors will say that John Deere 8210 is very reliable and unpretentious. Its acquisition will be an excellent and reasonable choice. Buying a John Deere 8210 tractor will solve all your problems, and you will have time and money to develop your company.

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The John Deere 8210 tractor was not bought new. I’ve had him for 3 years. I have already worked out two resources, but continues to work properly. I use John Deere 8210 for plowing, cultivation, hay harvesting. I am very happy with this car.

The technique is very reliable, but requires an appropriate attitude to yourself. It is easy and pleasant to work on the John Deere 8210 tractor.

Bought John Deere 8210 in 2010. The tractor was 10 years old. I worked for another 10 years, no complaints. I manage a small repair and regular maintenance at an authorized dealer. This tractor is 20 years old, and it works and does not think of breaking down. I am very satisfied.

Tractors from different manufacturers work on my farm, but John Deere 8210 is the best. He is 22 years old, but continues to work almost without breakdowns. It is not new, but very comfortable and economical.

The John Deere 8210 tractor is an excellent technique, like other models of this brand. This tractor is a combination of quality, convenience and unpretentiousness. I am very glad that I have it.

The John Deere 8210 tractor was bought at a sale of agricultural machinery. The tractor was made in 2000, but it works flawlessly. Electronics and mechanics are serviceable. The air conditioner copes with its task. The John Deere 8210 tractor is characterized by high productivity, copes with a large volume of arable work. One of the advantages is low fuel consumption. A full tank is enough for 2 working shifts.

I use my John Deere 8210 as a tractor coupled with a trailer and a tractor cart. It is needed to deliver dimensional equipment or construction materials to the construction site. The tractor is 20 years old, but it remains in good working condition. Fuel consumption is economical, there is no extraneous noise in the engine. John Deere 8210 tractor is a reliable model, everything suits you!

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